Billboards Advertising Tips for Memorable Ads

Billboards have been around for more than a century. Today, billboards are still a major component in advertising for organizations, groups, corporates and more. They are a marketing tool that offers daily unskippable advertisements. On roads and public areas that have high human traffic, you can never go wrong with billboards. Indeed, you can go more local by using Mobile Billboards. While effective with a return on your investment, one has to ensure that they get maximum value for the money. 

Undoubtedly, billboards are an expensive investment. Today we share 6 tips on having billboard ads that will be impactful and ensure business success.


Go Big

Billboards are big so, the larger the text the clearer the text, and the easier it is for the driver to get your message

The legibility of the text makes the creativity easier to be understood. As they say, go big or go home.

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A Billboard with HBO Advert

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Unless your Ad is creative it is not going to be memorable.

It is clear that on a highway the driver will not have time, this is why you must make sure you are remembered.

Brainstorm your ideas so that you ensure you are message is not only short but sweet.

Choose the Right Image

As we all know by now, a picture is worth a thousand words.

The right image will do more than the words you use on the billboards.

Use a picture that has the shortest jump to your main image. Plan the right photo shoot, location and props or the correct illustration from your graphic designer.

Take your time and get it right as  before the billboard goes out to the masses.

Send one Message on Billboard

In this instance, you should focus on a single concrete message.

Be concise, and craft your message with a single audience in mind.

Try to use 7 words, a maximum of 10 words.

Reduce the message so that you can easily stick to the essentials

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Use Bold Colours

The right color mix adds to your attractiveness and hence, memorability

Stick to one large image, that is relevant.

Bright colors that stand out will naturally attract your audience

Billboard Location

Where to place the billboard is very important for you. The location should have the right density of traffic.

Moreover, it should have the right target audience. This will dictate the messaging, choice of language, slang and imagery.

You Billboard has to relate to the target audience. This is the way you will convert.

Location can also help you sell to an audience that is most likely to convert immediately. Such a good example is a billboard for a rest house on a long highway is a good example.

An eatery can advertise in a busy commercial Centre section like Westland’s in Nairobi or Hurlingham in Nairobi.

Advertise on a Billboard

Marketing is about memory.  This makes billboards a good tool as they can be viewed daily. Use these tips to make memorable billboards, and incorporate Mobile Billboards for more local targeting.

You can always try and attack your target audience direct, we saw the billboard ads by GA Insurance in Kenya targeting Safaricom LTD plc. They were creative and went viral leading to organic earned media by both firms

Go out there and get in touch with billboard advertising companies and start advertising.

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