6 Strategies to Generate Leads

A lead is simply a person who has an interest in your business product or service. Any person was shared their contact information—to attend an online event, a Livestream, to download a free guide, to sign up for your newsletter, etc.—this person is a lead.

 Because this person has engaged your business’ website and permitted you to contact them (typically through email, but sometimes over the phone), they’re now inside your sales funnel.

Thus, having people fill your sales funnel is what Lead Generation is.

Getting people to grant you the right to target them or to contact them is a lead generation strategy.

The following strategies will help you fill your sales funnel with leads.

lead generation strateg

Strategy 1 :Facebook Lead Generation

Since the beginning, Facebook has been an excellent method for lead generation. With Facebook lead ads, users can complete and submit a lead form without leaving the platform. It avoids friction, so it’s key to boosting conversion

Strategy 2: Ask for Referrals from Current Customers

The cost to acquire a referred customer is low & has a higher potential for retention

Use an incentive program to spur referrals: a gift card, a free next month’s invoice, or even a donation to a charity.

Sales funnel filling

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Strategy 3: Rank in Search Engines with High-Value Content to Generate Leads

As you create content that users find useful, they are more willing to click on your call to action and move onto the lead funnel

Strategy 4 : Offer a Lead Magnet

Delivering valuable content is (and should be) at the core of any business. Create high-value gated content if you want to generate leads.

Strategy 5 : Personalized Email Marketing

Remember to personalize your emails. Personalized emails generate six times higher transaction rates.

Strategy 6:Make landing pages clear and easy to take action on

A landing page that doesn’t require the user to process very much information, like a 3-minute video or a whole page of copy would. There is no need for information overload

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