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Advertising, marketing & investment that is done by a competent team with the right skills for your business and industry. We are here to help and answer your questions

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We believe in


Our team is supportive of each other’s efforts, loyal to one another, and care for each other. An internal coordinated team equals to seamless client service and minimal turn around time.

We have..


An energetic, intuitive zeal that arises from emotional engagement with the organization that makes work joyful and inspires each one to give their best

Skywall Kenya marketing
We have..

Quality & Integrity

•Employing the best available
  practices, and always
  challenging ourselves to
  improve through  continuous
  training, innovation, strategic
  planning, collaboration and
• Taking fair and honest
   direction. Integrity not only
   means financial and
   intellectual integrity, but
   encompasses all other
   dimensions of life. Do the right
   thing always

Skywall Kenya marketing

It's Just who we are

We are a team of reputable and qualified media practitioners and advisors offering marketing and advertising services to businesses and organizations seeking growth and sustainability within the environment in which they operate. Our services are geared towards assisting our clients thrive in the market place by offering strategic, customized and oriented marketing solutions.

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Your Success is our success

A customer-driven approach gets straight to the point by connecting our clients working products to meet their customer’s evolving needs.
We then collect feedback and iterate the strategy quickly for a tangible and testable product or service that creates immediate business impact.

Why Choose Skywall Advertising

We have worked with clients to advise them on adopting Outdoor advertising, Brand Awareness, Product activation,PR, Communication Strategy, Product Marketing & the right Reputation, Video, Social & Event Marketing Strategies that help build commercially viable businesses

We achieve this by focusing on the right opportunities for each client & embracing an end-customer driven mindset.

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Our Amazing Clients

We have  had the privillege to work with diverse clients in Kenya.

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