The onset of COVID19 and the subsequent restrictions by governments worldwide made it impossible to host in-person events. We all remember the time, frankly, the fear and uncertainty were something no one can forget. Many of us lost our loved ones. We were lost as even grieving was in conditions that were not normal.

With the vaccines and significant portions of the population having been jabbed. Restrictions have been lifted, now events are back. 2022 has seen all sorts of events up and running, it’s no longer the virtual webinars, zoom calls can be boring right? We are all attending in-person events. As the saying goes “We Must be Seen

Traile Billboard Kenya
A Mobile Billboard on Kiambu Rd

The return of events

  • A speaker session (a guest speaker presentation, panel discussion, etc.)
  • Networking sessions
  • Conferences
  • A seminar or half-day event
  • Workshops and classes
  • VIP experiences
  • Sponsorships
  • Trade shows and expos
  • Awards and competitions
  • Festivals and parties

These are just the events that mostly take place and tend to be in person.

In Kenya, we have seen the return of events such as the Home Expo, sports events like the Rugby Currie Cup and the return of the national 7s circuit, Cameroon hosted the AFCON in January that saw Senegal crowned champions. Festivals and parties are also back, as we know Kenyans love their “Sherehe”. We have seen the popular Amapiano themed events in Eldoret and most recently in Nakuru.

meeting, addis ababa, ethiopia-83519.jpg
A Conference

Outdoor Events & Advertising

Events have a specific demographic that attends them. This is very important for marketers as they know which type of audience will be in attendance. In events, the audience is at a specific location for several hours. From a marketer’s perspective, this means a specific audience, can be advertised to a product that best suits them for the entire duration. The impression is high and repetitive. This means for brand awareness campaigns; in-person events are one of the best places to put your bet on

Wadi Degla sports

A Stand for Wadi Degla

Outdoor activations are now back

Mobile Billboards for Events

Strategic Placing

At events, one can easily place a mobile billboard at the strategic place at the entrance where the audience will view it as they move in and out of the venue. This is particularly for events that are held in halls so the billboard can only be placed outside. A good example is advertising using mobile billboards at expos e.g., those held at Sarit Center or KICC in Kenya

Open Grounds & Outdoor events

For events held outside lawns, Stadia, or, open grounds e.g., Ngong Racecourse in Kenya, the mobile billboard is placed at a place where the crowd will almost always have a view of it. This means the impression is high. If the product is the perfect fit for the target audience this will even spark a conversation that leads to conversion, Conversions are even easier when the product is available at the event e.g., Marketing auto lubricants at an Auto Expo or Car Bazaar.

Mobile Billboard Campaign Strategy

Adding Mobile Billboards to your advertising mix is crucial. Mobility is Key as the move to the perfect audience. The fact that they are at eye level makes sure everyone can see what is being advertised.
One strategy is getting your Mobile Billboard provider to form partnerships with event hosts or organizers who plan and host events for the demographic that fits your product. An outdoor garden that hosts bridal events and baby showers can be a good place for a brand that markets baby products.  Having such a conversation with the agency advertising for you is key.

Skywall Advertising is one agency that has set itself apart in advertising using mobile billboards, with campaigns for brands targeting audiences in a location where they are, they have seen success rates for clients. Talk to them to get to start growing your brand, customer base and sales.

As you do that, enjoy your outdoor events

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