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Advertising Needs Creativity

Advertising helps you reach your audience and grow sales.

Being creative in your advertising is the cheapest form of advertising. It goes further and earns you free media as people will discuss the Ad and even share.

Advertisement Ideas

Coming up with ideas is not an easy task. This is the main reason companies bring on board marketing agencies. They have a highly skilled team, whose only role is to develop ideas.

Always think of your audience when creating an ad, in this instance think about their values, goals, and the value your business offers them.

Develop ideas that are fun and speak to the audience. Creative and fun ideas are better as human beings remember what stands out.

Try this the next time you are advertising.

1. Advertise Somewhere New

When was the last time you really looked at a banner advert on the side of a website?

People have got used and numb to adverts. The ads end up being ignored. Don’t just advertise where you think you will have reach.

Advertising has no rules, give it a thought and develop new ideas.

Rather than taking an ad space on print media, advertise at an event e.g., a sports event, where the physical number is lower but your customers are present. However, this approach is so different that every single person will remember who they are and the service they received.

Here you will grow with word of mouth, photographed pictures that are posted online by customers and local media that cover the event. It is a good way to get free and organic media

Branded Merchandise

2. Creative and unexpected Merchandise

What is the product or service your company offers and what is a really fun or cool physical representation of that?

For example, if you are an insurance company, you can give out umbrellas and garden shades to represent the cover you offer clients.

Moreover, a small group of people using your cool, memorable gift is far better than two hundred with a boring t-shirt that they wear to bed.

3. Hire Creative Graphic Design Agency

An ugly website, boring brochures, and plainly uninspired presentations all send the wrong message to customers.

Take the craft beer industry for example. In the past, companies like Budweiser and Heineken dominated the market with their simple and flat designs. But when you look at the packaging of craft beers, they usually have beautiful designs and artwork.

In addition, the creative design adds character and personality to brands. In the case of beer, the client can even taste the personality

4. Story tell in Your Videos

Always think about what will resonate with your customers and be memorable.

Companies like ABSA & Safaricom in Kenya found success by selling services through customers’ own stories and experiences.

5. Do a Live Stream

Live streaming is a great way to bring people into your business and see what you do first-hand.

You get to interact one on one with the clients and have in-depth rich discussions

Listen to your customers and have a real connection.

6. Pro Bono Project

Take up charity and community projects.

Have an impact on the society around. Work with small charity organizations that are working on projects you can relate to. This also gives your employees a sense of belonging.

7. Local Targeting

Commercial advertising is at its worst when it tries to appeal to everyone. Be more memorable if you choose to target just a few specific customers at a given time. Craft a message that speaks to the demographic specifically. Local targeting will help you sell to customers in a given region knowing factors like season, financial abilities, trends etc. Mobile Billboards are a great way for local targeting.

8. Partner with Another Business

Collaboration is an excellent way to split the cost of advertising and bring in new business.

The best companies are those which pose zero competition to you but offer products or services that complement your business.

Have a bakery? Partner with a nearby cafe. Do you offer financial services? Try working with a local real estate company to help people find a home.

Giving people a joint deal doubles the effectiveness of your advertising and also helps foster a network of reliable businesses to work with in future

9. Reach Out to Influencers

We don’t mean Chris Brown or other famous celebrities. We mean normal, day-to-day human beings who have a relatively smaller following on social media.

Find someone who is a perfect fit for your brand and is known to speak on matters relevant to your industry. The audience they reach is more likely to be the exact audience you’re trying to reach.

A real estate company can work with people who speak on construction, land sale, housing etc.

Real estate advertising

10. Hold a Pop-Up Event

Small events are an incredible way to give your business exposure and connect with members of the community. You can do this alone or follow the above tip to partner with other businesses.

As a car dealer, you could welcome car owners for a quick engine diagnosis, a free car wash, or invite people for auto advice sessions to help those with car problems or looking to know more. This will help to show off your expertise.

Do what you can do best and make it fun.

Go for It!

Coming up with advertisement ideas is both a challenging and rewarding experience. An indicator that the idea is great is that it’s easy to explain in a single sentence. You find that people you pitch to quickly understand. Generating ideas is difficult. A lot of time is wasted chucking out bad ideas before a beautiful ad is born. Keep pushing yourself in curating ideas, brainstorming and packaging.
On occasion seek the help of marketing and advertising agencies e.g. Skywall Advertising

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