Digital Marketing Strategies to Grow your Business

Digital marketing is here with us and growing stronger. With the increase in access to data, it remains a field of marketing we can’t manage to ignore.

In fact, not using digital marketing in marketing your business is moving blindly in this day and age.

This is not to say that traditional strategies of marketing do not work, we are staunch believers in traditional marketing, check our services here.

However, digital marketing must be at the core of your business marketing mix.

One of the best things about digital marketing is that it greatly lowers costs. One can specifically strategize based on the available budget and the specific business objective. 

Digital Marketing Advantages

One of the best things about digital marketing is that it greatly lowers costs. One can specifically strategize based on the available budget and the specific business objective.

Digital marketing always remains a very fast way to get your marketing campaign running. It could be an email campaign, a bulk SMS campaign, or even a social media campaign. After crafting the message and other necessary content, the digital campaigns can be up and running in no time.

Moreover, digital marketing promises you volume. Your blogs can reach a great number of viewers across the globe. With a social media post, you can reach a large number of your target audience where they are.

Analytics remains one of the most unique features of digital marketing. Data has been said to be the oil of the digital marketing realm and digital marketing enables you to easily track your marketing ventures. 

In the year 2022, we have noted several trends in digital marketing and here are 4 of them to utilize

Digital Storytelling

Storytelling allows the brand to immerse the audience into the brand and completely capture the attention of the audience. In digital marketing and storytelling, brands can focus on customer-led stories. It allows them to market their brand through authentic experiences making the product relatable. Storytelling can also establish brand expertise in their industry.

Using compelling accounts, good visuals and strategic camera angles, digital stories are a memorable way to market

Video Content

More and more people are consuming videos online today than ever. The rise of TikTok a popular social platform has seen the other social media giants respond. YouTube has stories plus its usual video channels, Metaverse has Facebook reels and Instagram reels. Video content on Twitter is also experiencing a rise in engagement. Digital Marketing is affordable, with just your smartphone you can take high-quality videos and increase the amount of video content you share with your audience.
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Digital Marketing

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Digital Marketing with Emails

Emails have been around for a while; the consistent promotional emails have been a constant in our inboxes. Sometimes or more often they might land in the spam folder. This is why you must focus on personalizing your emails. Chose an email service provider like Mailchimp or HubSpot to send out multiple emails to your subscribers. Ensure, your email is relevant to the user at the time they receive it. For example, use data from your e-commerce store to send offers on baby care products to subscribers who have been purchasing baby products

Build for Mobile

Digital marketing involves marketing to users on digital devices. The bulk of your audience today will be accessing your content on mobile phones.

Ensure, there are no responsive issues. In the design phase, it is very important to design your content for mobile first

What Next?

Digital marketing has been with us but we keep seeing new trends. Keeping yourself up to date is a sure way to the market right where your audience is at. We know keeping up may be difficult, hence, why digital marketing agencies in Kenya and the world exist. However, we encourage you to implement these four strategies and work on increasing your market share

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