Basics to Improve your Online Presence

There will be 4.4 billion social media users in the coming years and the number will only grow.

Everyone wants to have an online presence that rocks

The best advice is to start with the following basics:

1. Know your Online Target Audience

Ensure you have the right idea of what type of audience you would like to speak to online. Take into account your Audience Demographics. Explore everything about the industry and outline the challenges for the specific industry.

2. Decide the Online Platforms

Decide which social media networks work best for your Social Media Marketing Strategy. Don’t put yourself in a “Jack of all trades, master of none” situation. Social media platforms and other online platforms have a specific demographic and have different algorithms. Hence, each industry and audience has very specific online platforms where they are active. Know the platforms that work best for you and focus your online efforts there.

Online social media presence

Social Media Strategy

We craft social media strategies for all industries

3. Optimize your profiles

Spend some time evaluating the people you want to reach, and the best way to reach them. What resonates with them, and what times are they usually active on social media

4: Create content for your socials

The type of content you create depends on the social accounts you’re posting to. Have a content strategy, and develop a content calendar.  Decide when you will create content and when you will publish it. Platforms like Instagram work best with images and less text. Facebook is said to be best optimized for videos. Twitter offers a chance to microblog with threads. Plan all this and have it on your calendar.

5. Maintain, measure and analyze your Online Activity

Maintain, measure and analyze your social media strategy( Ensure that you are checking all your marketing efforts, evaluating their efficacy, as well changing strategies that don’t work any longer. Use tools like google analytics to measure traffic, and check audience demographic


Social media will give them loads of opportunities to grow your business and helps you attract the targeted audiences, both B2B and B2C. Combine it with other strategies like outdoor marketing and shine.
What’s stopping you to rock your online presence? 🤔

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