How to use Images in your Digital Marketing Strategy

Images remain an essential part of your digital marketing strategy. Images have a lot of benefits and one must ensure the content shared has the right number of images.

Most people are visual learners. Moreover, more people find it easier to process visual images a lot faster than text. It has been established that images help you get more views on your content.

There are many types of images one can use. A common norm is the use of stock images. Stock images are good and readily available but do not always have the desired value.

We look at some of the images that work best for online marketing.


Images of famous quotes, famous people or experts talking about a relevant topic or offering industry expertise. Make images of quotes


These are perfect images to add information to your digital content. Screenshots can be of statistics, processes, websites quoted, comments or feedback. Sharing the screenshots with relevant captions helps create richer content.

Images use in Digital Marketing Strategy

Digital Marketing Strategy

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All that we are after is a life full of laughter.  Make your audience smile or even break into laughter when interacting with your content. Memes are humorous images that provoke a thought or create an emotion. Memes that your audience finds relatable are easier to share. Needless to say, memes are always emerging and have a unique marketing power.

Images for social media

You have made the connection. Now the important decision is on how to move forward. Will you reach out right away, or will you wait for a few days or weeks before following up?
The important thing is that you do follow up with the connection that you develop

Images for Social Media

There are different social media platforms today. For your social media marketing, images remain a powerful tool. Each of the platforms Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest have different dimensions. A platform like Instagram has algorithms that favour images with little text.

Outline the social media platforms you would like to share content with and create the right images for each platform.

Real Images

Share images from the real world. Share photos of your business, your location, workflow, the staff and even that business lunch. Share different photos to get the audience to have a deeper interaction with your business. Take photos and find creative ways to share.


Illustrations are unique ways to bring out your message. they are good to paint out a scenario in a precise manner.


These are very powerful tools to add to your marketing mix. Clear, well-designed has the right bright colours. There are shareable and people love to use them as snippets. Undoubtedly, bloggers love sharing infographics. Having highly rechargeable content earns you backlinks and increases your Digital Presence. Use popular tools like Canva and start creating this powerful image.


Presentations are not so dissimilar from infographics. They offer a good way to share lots of content at once. It is easier to read and hence, gets a lot of views. Presentations need to have brand consistency and use images and text. One can take the single sides as images and use them for social media.


These are a great way to make richer content. Video production may seem expensive and time-consuming. However, the smartphone in your hand has a quality camera that one can use to create quality videos and reshare.

Research shows that landing pages with videos have a conversion rate of 84% more than landing pages without. Videos on Instagram earn more engagement than other content types.

 Use videos for all your digital media content including on social media.

Images and videos as we have established are a must for your marketing mix. Create your images and use them in your digital marketing. As mentioned, stock images are not yet the best but sometimes they are useful especially if one has editing capabilities. Copyright-free images and videos are available on Pexel , Canva, Pixabay , and Unsplash.
It may look like a lot of work but the benefits are immense.

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