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Target the local audiences that best suit your brand using movable billboards.

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Why Mobile Billboards?

Cost Effective

Skywall Advertising offers mobile billboard advertising solutions operating across Nairobi and the entire Kenta. Thereby offering comprehensive national coverage. With an affordable monthly package, mobile billboard advertising is best for any company no matter the marketing budget.


For over, 8-years Skywall Advertising has been delivering high-impact, cost-effective mobile billboard campaigns. Used by leading agencies and clients as a standalone marketing tactic or as an integral part of a full media mix. Mobile billboards also offer coverage in locations where static (OOH) Out Of Home advertising is not available.


Following a pre-scheduled route specific to the target audience, these mobile advertising vehicles are always manned. They can react to local situations and conditions. As a result, they deliver the greatest possible exposure for the Clients message. Mobile Billboards are more targetable than traditional static billboards or transport advertising.


Static billboards have long been considered to deliver effective advertising. Mobile billboard advertising provided by Skywall provides a new dynamic to this proven medium. Being in the right place to deliver the right message, to the right people, at the right time.

Let us now emphasize on the main benefits that you will get from mobile billboards.

Movable Every Week

Get to be seen in a different location every week to diversify the audience

Eye Level

Mobile Billboards are visible at Eye level hence everyone can see

Target Audience

Moving mobile Billboards to strategic locations make sure your are targeting the right audience

Best for Events

Outdoor events have a specific group of people who will be stationed at a venue for hours. Consistently viewing your AD

Out of Home Advertising

We specialise in all forms of out-of-home advertising. From providing unmatched outdoor solutions that are backed by research, Innovation & Technology to acquiring media assets with a purpose, Skywall Advertising has become a powerhouse of Outdoor Solutions in the world of OOH. Our OOH journey is nothing but the congregation of ‘ Many Firsts ‘ be it the Nairobi Bus Shelters, Mall escalators, wallscapes, traditional billboards, street signs in Nairobi or to be the Leading company in Mobile Billboard advertising Kenya.

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