What are Marketing Agencies?

Marketing agencies were created to provide their clients with access to advertising professionals who have creative knowledge and industry expertise to create.

Advertising is very much a part of our lives, with ads running directly in their social media feeds and others playing through our video playlist. This makes it critical for customers to choose the right type of advertising and marketing agency for a campaign.

The types of advertising are varied, as are the types of agencies you can choose from, as each agency may specialize in specific areas such as outdoor advertising, podcasts, video, public relations, PPC ads, SEO, and general social media

types of Marketing agencies

Types of Advertising Agencies

There are different types of advertising agencies which include;

  • Full-service agencies- this agency handles all the marketing and advertising logistics of your brand.
  • Creative boutiques- they are responsible for creating design services for the company.
  • Media buying agencies- they specialize in the procurement of different spaces to showcase the ads.
  • Digital agencies- they offer a solution in the digital spectrum. Generally, they offer services such as web design and development, digital advertising and social media marketing.
  • In-house agency- it caters to one client. The organization has a division that provides creative solutions for its products
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