OOH Advertising

If you see an AD, you are outside and it’s not on your mobile phone, that is an Out of Home Advertising (OOH). OOH is a fast-growing advertising medium that is replacing other declining media.  We all spend some time outdoors, yes even introverts. With the COVID19 restrictions being lifted across the globe, we are all embracing the outdoors like never before. That simply makes it difficult to ignore OOH Ads. 60% of consumers respond to outdoor advertising.

Whether you are a small business, big business or a startup, adding OOH to your marketing mix is will help you promote your business and brand. With consumers wary of intrusive ads and privacy concerns, here are types of Out of Home advertising that consumers do not consider “UNWANTED”:

Traile Billboard Kenya
A Mobile Billboard on Kiambu Rd

OOH Marketing

  1. Mobile Billboards

The beauty of Mobile Billboards is that they can be anywhere. They can move to where the audience is. Think about your billboard being in the centre of the market, at the entrance of a concert, in the middle of a roundabout or anywhere that is possible. The best part about a mobile billboard is that it is at eye level so everyone gets to see it.

  1. Billboards

Billboards are probably the obvious form of OOH Advertising. I am pretty sure that is what came to mind at the beginning.  These large static posters are subtle, non-intrusive ways of advertising. With 70% of commuters viewing billboards while commuting.

  1. Digital Billboards

These eye-catching billboards have the advantage of having animated content and so the messaging is clearer. The downside is they are a little bit higher in terms of cost.

  1. Retail Advertising

Predominantly in shopping centres, malls and stores, this type of Out of Home marketing is popular in retail environments. With shops just a few steps away these OOH ads are for people who are already with the mentality to buy.

  1. Street Signs

  Streets signs on lamp posts, traffic lights, and street benches are other effective ways to market at places where you are sure human traffic is high.

  1. Vehicle Advertising

Vehicles offer large mobile surfaces to advertise. One of the best approaches is to advertise on public service vehicles like buses, taxis and matatus. Another one is to brand the company fleet. They offer a consistently mobile marketing platform

  1. Wallscapes

In populated areas where other forms of out of home advertising are not possible, wallscapes are the best. They are on construction sites, on high profile buildings, on the side of parking lots and on walls that line busy areas.

  1. Point of Sale Advertising

Intended to lure impulsive buyers, these are placed strategically at the point of sales at restaurants, stores, kiosks and others. Best for advertising offers

Billboards services kenya

Billboards are a Popular form of Outdoor advertising

Did you know 70% of commuters consciously look at billboards

Integrate OOH Marketing Today

Making the switch to advertising outdoors can mean reaching more people more effectively with your products and services. Partnering with an agency like Skywall Advertising will help you make engaging outdoor advertising designs, and make the right decisions in terms of media style, location and reach. It also means getting the right pricing across the life of your advertising campaign

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